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Our dedication extends beyond our clients. We recognize the importance of spreading real estate knowledge among local agents to create a community of thoughtful professionals who excel in their field. By fostering a deep understanding of the business, we aim to provide the best service available to our clients. Through training, mentorship, and ongoing education, we empower our agents to navigate the complexities of the real estate market with confidence and expertise.

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TERMS: By filling out this form, you acknowledge that you received, read and agree to comply with this notice. We are very excited for your consideration of joining Compass! As you make the transition, we want to remind you that Compass requires that you follow all post-affiliation restrictions you may be subject to after you disassociate from your previous firm, as well as all applicable rules, laws, and regulations governing the transfer of any listing over to Compass, including: Confidentiality Obligations. You CANNOT take any confidential or proprietary information. Please do not bring to Compass any information (documents, emails, reports, notes, forms, etc.) that resides or did reside at your previous firm, in any form. To be clear, do not take any form agreements, templates, etc., even if you created them from scratch while at your previous firm. It is Compass policy not to permit the taking, storing or use of any information from your previous firm, in any form. You CAN take your personal contacts and possessions. These are possessions that have absolutely nothing to do with your previous firm such as your photos and personal effects. Your contacts are your family, friends or professional contacts that you personally sourced and maintained. When in doubt, leave it behind and we can officially request it from your previous firm after you join Compass. Non-Solicitation Covenants. These restrict your solicitation of employees, independent contractors (including real estate agents) and/or clients of your previous firm. Listing Transfer Obligations. You acknowledge that you will 100% follow all rules/regulations that govern the transfer of any exclusive listing agreement to Compass or communications with clients. As an agent, you can be subject to very serious sanctions or fines if you fail to 100% follow these rules/regulations. Any decision to transfer a listing must be made by a client independently, of his/her own free will, and you cannot interfere with any current exclusive listing agreement. Please promptly inform us if any of these restrictions apply to you. Compass requires that you honor all post-affiliation obligations to your previous firm and will not permit the disclosure or use of confidential or proprietary information. Please note that failure to comply with this policy will result in disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, termination of your affiliation. We believe this is absolutely critical to ensuring that you start your Compass journey without looking back, but looking forward as we help everyone find their place in the world! By filling out this form, you acknowledge that you received, read and agree to comply with this notice. Thank you for your immediate cooperation and thank you for considering Compass!
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